Better evidence and increased participation for informed decision-making


Our tripartite virtuous circle is designed to generate effective programs and policies that will improve people’s lives. VoxMapp Baseline allows you to collect high quality data even in contexts of crisis; VoxMapp Feedback ensures communities participate and remain at the center of the initiative; and VoxMapp Management centralizes the analysis, decision-making and learning mechanisms, to feed into a new positive cycle.

At VoxMapp we believe that people’s participation to the improvement of public goods is the future of good governance.
Voxmapp Baseline

A data collection tool built to ensure secure, reliable and high quality data.

Voxmapp Feeback

An easy to use solution that keeps your data alive and up-to-date.

Voxmapp Management

A tool to transform your data into knowledge, and to support you in taking action.

Voxmapp Services

We have an experienced team in research methods, project management and field implementation in complex settings. We offer programmatic and technical targeted advisory adjustable to your needs, and support you in launching and scaling-up ICT4D and community-based initiatives.

Our Partners

Partnership and collaboration is at the core of VoxMapp’s approach. From governmental development agencies and international institutions to non-profit organizations and companies, each partnership is unique. We focus on creating long-lasting relationships with our partners so that we can support them at every step of their data journey in the best possible way.


Mapping public infrastructures in Kapisa, Afghanistan 577 511 VOXMAPP

Mapping public infrastructures in Kapisa, Afghanistan

Generating data to inform development investment decisions.

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Monitoring Covid-19 in Afghanistan 1200 800 VOXMAPP

Monitoring Covid-19 in Afghanistan

Using VoxMapp to monitor the spread of the pandemic and related needs in complex settings.

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Dans le camp de déplacés de Beledweyne, dans le centre de la Somalie, le 14 décembre 2019.
La Banque mondiale au chevet des pays en guerre 688 459 VOXMAPP

La Banque mondiale au chevet des pays en guerre

L’institution de Washington s’implique davantage pour lutter contre l’extrême pauvreté qui frappe les populations des zones de conflit. La Banque mondiale va augmenter son aide aux pays fragiles ou touchés…

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