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At VoxMapp we believe that people’s participation in the improvement of public goods is the future of good governance

VoxMapp is an award-winning French social enterprise created in 2013 supporting accountability and good governance through data gathering and community inclusion. We provide advice and technical support in the development of pro-accountability projects using data and machine learning.

Our tools – mobile apps, online software and methodologies – are designed for efficient problem solving and crisis management in challenging environments, and are useful for a multitude of actors, from governments, to development stakeholders and civil-society organizations. 

We work to create a virtuous circle to improve people’s lives and reduce poverty gaps, and believe that communities should remain at the center of our projects. Our solutions concentrate the best of human participation and digital tools for improving decision-making, increasing accountability, and optimizing development opportunities.


Lorenzo Delesgues, Founder and CEO

Lorenzo Delesgues lived for more than 10 years in Afghanistan where he co-founded, at the age of 25, Integrity Watch, the leading anti-corruption organization in the country, which he directed from 2006 to 2011. That’s where he realized the power of social design to fight corruption, pioneering social audits in post-conflict environments and launching the Community-Based Monitorings. 

In 2012, back in France and dreaming to apply these approaches to the western context, he started to design VoxMapp, awarded the Innovation Prize of the year 2016 by the French mayors salon. He applies social design techniques to connect citizens and the state with the objective of making public space shaping a pleasure.

Lorenzo is teaching at Sciences Po Paris a class on “Accountability and transparency in post-conflict environments” and at the design school Ecole Camondo a class on “Sociology and anthropology applied to design and architecture” , where he shares experiences and gets inspiration.

Marta Trigo da Roza, Co-founder and Research Manager

Marta Trigo da Roza is a Political Scientist graduated from Sciences Po with a strong quantitative background and a commitment to find effective solutions to the global poverty problem. Her research interests include governance and corruption, violence and migration, as well as health and education. 

In the past 5 years, Marta has studied in Mexico and France, performed field-based research in Iraqi Kurdistan, monitored development interventions in South-Sudan, coordinated data collection projects in  Afghanistan and learned Arabic in Tunisia. Recently she graduated from the micro-master program of Data, Economics and Development Policy at MIT.

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